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Testimonials – HirePointe


Please don’t take our word for it. Our customers speak for themselves. Read on and feel free to add a story of your own.

HR Manager

I work often with Dave and cannot say enough good things about him. He is absolutely one of the best in the business.

-HR Manager, Business Process Outsourcing Company

Jon D.

Brandon has been a great help to me at [my company]. He has consistently provided quality candidates for the positions that I have had available and has been very understanding and flexible as my needs have changed.

I also see that Brandon is concerned for his candidates. He looks out for their welfare in the placement process, trying to find the best fit for them, as well as for our company.

Jon D.



Thanks for lunch today. It was great meeting with you. I hope the feedback was very helpful. I can’t be more upfront when I say that there is a reason we go through you guys. You understand the nature of recruiting and you are extremely efficient. There is a huge value in working with HirePointe to find the right people for the positions in the right way. It’s fast, it’s efficient, and it’s the only way to fill the positions well without becoming professional recruiters ourselves!
We look forward to working with you on these positions and future positions!

RSM Top 5 Seed Company


I was very pleased with the service that Evan provided to me in the search for a new hire. The process was very smooth and I would highly recommend Evan’s services to other [company] Managers.
Evan was great to work with and more importantly the candidate, Steve X , is going to be a homerun for me!
RSM Top 5 Seed Company

Software Development Director

Dave Steveson is the best recruiter I have worked with. I have worked with more than a dozen recruiters in the past.”

-Software Development Director, Educational Software

Field Station Operations Lead for a top five agriculturally based seed and crop protection product company.

I would like to endorse the assistance provided to me by Evan Lee of HirePointe Management Group. Recently, I was in the market for new employment. During that time, I was exposed to the services of several employment recruiting firms. I believe that if you consider the life-changing implications of securing new or different employment opportunities, the valuable assistance and coaching that Mr. Lee and his associates offer can provide prospective employees an advantage that many other employment recruiting firms do not provide.
My introduction to HirePointe Management Group came through a call from Mr. Evan Lee relating to a position that he believed my qualifications fit well. At that time I was well progressed into my job searching venture having already interviewed with several companies and was to the point of accepting or declining second interviews when we had our first conversation. I was immediately excited by the suitability of the position to my current employment and geography preferences. However, I was to find out that the services went well beyond identifying a job that satisfied my interest. Upon notification of my interest in the job, Mr. Lee went to work to assist with securing the position. His coaching, checklists, and assistance with developing the right attitude to bring to the job interview were game-changing.
Whether you are well into the process of searching for new employment or just thinking of making a change, a discussion with Evan Lee and HirePointe Management Group would be well worth your time investment when you consider the importance of employment satisfaction to your overall standard of living and happiness.

Recruiting Manager

What we love about working with Dave Steveson is his ability to deliver to us A+ talent. We have worked with a lot of recruiters but Dave seems to understand our culture much better than most and he has access to some of the best contacts. The people that Dave has placed with us are fairly high profile employees that have done outstanding work for us and they have really made a name for themselves inside our organization. Dave has been an outstanding business partner.

-Recruiting Mgr, Financial Services Company


To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing on behalf of Mark Robins of HirePointe Management Group. I have known Mark and used his recruiting services for the past several years. I must admit that when I first began to use recruiting services I was a little skeptical of the process. After meeting with Mark and hearing how HirePointe Management Group finds and screens their candidates I was willing to give it a try. Since then I have been pleasantly surprised by how professional Mark and his team handle each one of my requests. He works patiently with me to get a full understanding of the position I am looking to fill then sets to work providing me with candidates that meet my criteria. Not only does Mark bring candidates to the table that have the skill set that we are looking for, but for the most part he brings candidates to the table that would be a good fit for our organization culturally.

Mark Robins is an extremely ethical individual that strives to provide the most professional services possible. I feel confident that when Mark is headhunting or recruiting for [my company] that our company name is represented well.

HR Manager

It has been a distinct pleasure to work with Dave Steveson. He has been an incredible resource.

Dave has consistently found the exact person with the exact qualifications for our open positions. He is professional and courteous and I find his style to be very effective. Dave is very conscientious of results and doesn’t get side tracked by extraneous issues. Dave is reliable and has superb follow through. In my mind, he is the best of the best.”

HR Manager, Human Resource Outsourcing Provider

Rick J.

To Whom It May Concern:

The best part of Hire Pointe was working with Brandon Welch. I gave Brandon a challenge to help us find some hard to find candidates. We had a very specific person we were looking for. After Brandon helped me do a little fine tuning of my request and with his valuable suggestion, within a few interviews we were able to find the person we were looking for. Interviewing can take up so much time, Thank you Brandon for cutting the time down and making the interviews a good experience.
Rick J.

President, Sports Manufacturing

We have had the opportunity to work with Dave Steveson. Although we are a fairly small company, our Information Technology hardware includes a very complex and sophisticated ERP system. David helped us search for just the right person to fit not only our IT needs, bus also our corporate culture: essentially what we needed was an individual with big business qualifications who would be happy in a small business environment.

In a difficult and long-term recruiting process for an Information Technology Manager involving several employment assistance firms, I did not work with a person who was a more complete professional than Dave. His thoroughness and attention to detail were unparalleled, and his understanding of the Information Technology field is comprehensive. He took the time to visit our facility and interview peers and coworkers; he was a careful listener, and quick to discern our needs and wishes.

I will gladly refer Dave’s services to anyone seeking a recruiter in Information Technology. I very much appreciated his efforts on our behalf.

-President of an Extreme Sports Equipment Manufacturer


To Whom It May Concern,

I have known Mark for about 6 years now and have been closely working with him for about 2 years. Mark has proven to be very successful in helping our company locate qualified and talented new hires. I am impressed with Mark because he has been very fair with [my company]. Mark has an honest, ethical, and hard working mentality. Because of his fruits we have been able to hire three very talented individuals in the last year that have proven to be very good finds. I would whole heartily recommend Mark Robins to any company who truly is looking to find a recruiter they can trust to produce results.

Senior Vice-President

With all the recruiters I have worked with in the past as a candidate and as one hiring people through recruiters, I have found Dave Steveson to be extremely thorough. Over the course of the interviews with his client, Dave and I literally spent hours on the phone. He really does his homework.

-SVP, Financial Services Company

Sr. Software Engineer

“I talked to at least a dozen recruiters while looking for my current position, but only one impressed me. Evan Lee stood out in three important ways. First, he delivered the goods–an opportunity to interview for a fantastic position at a great company. Second, he helped me effectively prepare for the interview. Third, he kept contact with me every step of the way. I always knew what was happening, what he was doing, what I needed to do and what I could realistically expect.

If I needed to search for a new position today, he would be the first person I called.”

Danielle A.

HirePointe, Thank you for your time, follow up and guidance. You not only looked at my goals but assessed who I was as an individual. I felt like you were more like a friend as we went through the hiring process. Your open communication on each step was delivered in a timely professional manner. You were always on point with the advice and direction you gave me. The most impressive thing to me was your knowledge of not only the company I was applying with but also the insight you had about each individual decision maker’s management style. I can honestly say without you on my side I would not have been able to reach my full potential and land the job of my dreams!

You will always be highly recommended to anyone I know that is in the job market!

Danielle A.


I am going to be starting my new position here in the next week and I wanted to thank you again for helping make this transition so easy for me. I appreciate it a lot. I have to admit that I was skeptical using a recruiting service but it has been a great experience working with you. Thank you for being the exception to the rule for working with recruiters. Also, I am talking to a friend of mine that is pretty unhappy at his current job and is phenomenal…..

Rosa G.

Dear Evan,
I wanted to thank you again for following up on each of the job opportunities you considered me for. I find it very refreshing to have someone close the loop as you did. Thank you so much!

As you mentioned, unless someone had given you my name, you would have never come across my contact information.

Thank you in advance for any helpful hints you could share with me, and please do not hesitate to contact me if I could be of any help to you in your day to day job.

With best regards,
Rosa G.

Technical Consultant

For those employment candidates that would be considering using the services of Dave Steveson and HirePointe Management Group, I would encourage you to give him or his staff the chance to change your professional life.

My introduction to HirePointe came from a call concerning my resume on a popular internet job site, and I was impressed immediately by Dave’s professionalism. I am not new to using a recruiter to find employment in the Information Technology sector, and previous experiences have been both good and bad. My experience working with Mr. Steveson has certainly been the best I have had. His frequent contacts, timely advice, and interview preparation materials were all factors that produced a satisfying and successful hiring process. About the only thing that Dave did not help me with, was the writing of this appraisal of his skills!

-Technical Consultant for an IT Hardware/Services Company


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